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"Fashion Doll Clothes"

From our vintage doll clothes patterns is a coat designed for a 10 - 12 inch fashion doll. Add this to your little girl's doll wardrobe. You will need a small amount of 1-ply mohair yarn and a pair of size 4 standard knitting needles.

Mohair Coat


k (knit) st (stitch)

p (purl) inc (increase)

tog (together)

Beginning at hemline, cast on 40 sts.

Work in stockinette st (k 1 row, p 1 row) until piece measures 2 1/2 inches, ending with a p row.

Next Row: * K 4, k 2 tog, repeat from * across, ending with k 4 (34 sts).

Next Row: P across.

Next Row: K across.

Repeat last two rows once.

When piece measures 3 inches make buttonholes on right front. To make buttonhole: k 1, bind off next st, k across row. Cast on 1 st over bound off st on next row. Work 2 more buttonholes, evenly spaced, 1 inch apart on right front side.

Next Row: * K 3, k 2 tog, repeat from * across row, ending with k 1 (28 sts).

Next Row: P across.

Coat should now measure 4 inches. The fronts and back are now made separately.

Right Front: Working on first 8 sts only, work in stockinette st for 1 3/4 inches. Bind off.

Back: Work in stockinette st on next 12 sts on needle until back measures same as right front.

Collar: Working on same 12 sts and in stockinette st, inc 1 st in first st, inc in every 4th st and in last st. Next Row: P across.

Repeat last 2 rows, continuing to inc every other row until collar measures 1 1/2 inches. Bind off.

Left Front: Working on last 8 sb; on needle, work same as for right front, omitting buttonholes.

Sew collar and fronts together where collar overlaps fronts.

Sleeves—(Make 2): Cast on 12 sts.

Work in stockinette st until sleeve measures 2 inches.

Next Row: K first two and last two sts tog,

Next Row P across.

Next Row K across.

Next Row: P across.

Next Row: K first two and last two sts tog

Next How: P across.

Next Row: K across.

Next Row: P across.

Bind off.

Sew sleeve seams and set sleeves in.

Sew 3 small buttons on left front, matching buttonholes.

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