Vintage crochet patterns free


Some vintage crochet patterns free. This "Sewing Susan" for a great little gift. 


Art. A. or B.19, Size 5: 2 balls of No. 48 Hunter's Green; 1 ball each of No. 65 Beauty Pink and No. 12 Black; or J. & P. Coats "Knit-Cro- Sheen," Art. A.64: 1 ball each of No. 48 Hunter's Green, No. 65 Beauty Pink and No. 12 Black; or Clark's O.N.T. Mercerized Bedspread Cotton, Art. B.504: 1 ball each of 3 colors of your own choice. Milwards Steel Crochet Hook No. 7. A round pincushion, 3 inches in diameter. A small button mold. J. & P. Coats or Clark's 

O.N.T. Mercerized Sewing Thread, Art. A. or B.3: 8 spools of assorted colors. 

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BASKET . . . Starting at center with Hunter's Green, ch 4. 1st rnd: 14 dc in 4th ch from hook. Join to top of starting chain. 2nd rnd: Ch 3, dc in same place as sl st, 2 dc in each dc around. Join. 3rd rnd: Ch 3, dc in same place as sl st (1 dc increased), * dc in next dc, 2 dc in next dc. Repeat from * around. Join. Dc in each dc around, increasing 15 dc evenly on each rnd until piece measures 4 1\4 inches in diameter. 

Next rnd: Ch 3, dc in front loop of each dc around, increasing 15 dc on rnd. Join. Continue increasing 15 dc on each rnd until piece measures 7 1\4 inches in diameter. Join and break off. Make another piece the same way. 

With wrong sides facing, sew pieces together by joining back loops of dc's where front loops were previously worked, leaving a 4-inch opening. Cut 2 pieces of cardboard each 4 1\4 inches in diameter, insert cardboard and sew up opening.

PINCUSHION . . . Starting at center with Beauty Pink, ch 2. 1st rnd: 7 sc in 2nd ch from hook. Hereafter pick up back loop only. 2nd rnd: 2 sc in each sc around. 3rd rnd: * 2 sc in next sc (1 sc increased), sc in next sc. Repeat from * around. 4th rnd: * 2 sc in next sc, sc in next 2 sc. Repeat from * around. Inc 7 sc evenly on each rnd until piece measures 3 1\4 inches in diameter. Join and break off. Make another piece the same way. 

With wrong side facing, sew pieces together, leaving opening large enough to insert pincushion. Insert pincushion and sew up opening. With Black embroider lines around pincushion. 

BUTTON . . . With Black, ch 2, work as for pincushion until piece measures same as button mold, then * work off 2 sc as 1 sc (1 sc decreased), sc in next sc. Repeat from * around until 6 sc have been decreased. Insert button mold and continue decreasing until ' all sc's have been worked off. Break off. Sew button to center of pincushion. 

Sew pincushion to center of basket. With front of basket facing, attach Green to back piece and sc in each dc around. Join and break off. Attach Pink to first sc, sc in each sc around. Join and break off. 

Mark both pieces of basket into 8 sections. Attach Pink to first marker and working through both thicknesses to join, make sc in same sc, * sc in each st across front to next marker, sc through both thicknesses. Repeat from * around. Join and break off. 

CORD ... Cut 6 strands of Black, each 3 yards long. Twist these strands tightly, then double and give them a twist in the opposite direction, knot ends securely. 

Place a spool of thread in each section of basket, draw cord through spools and tie ends securely, drawing sides of basket into place. Tie into a bow. 

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