Teddy Bear Clothes Pattern #1881

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Teddy bear clothes are an exceptional way for you to learn the art of knitting and provide your children with an accessory for their dolls that they are going to love.

There are a number of companies that specialize in this style of clothing but why spend twenty more dollars for a single article of clothing? You can easily make them on your own for considerably less and add a unique personality for your child's stuffed friends.

Also great for knitting for charity

These are also great for making up if you are planing to donate teddy bears to a charity. This will dress the bears up and the charity will love them. How about some teddy bear gift baskets for baby showers? There are lots of money saving ideas for knitting your own items.

What you are going to find is that you can take hand made items and add a depth of character that is going to certainly make an impact.

For example, the pattern listed here has a dress, skirt, top, trousers and even a jacket that you can make. That means that no matter the gender of your beloved teddy bear, there are going to be several different clothing options that you are going to be able to make.

Bring joy with basic knitting skills

Today we all need to save money and this is a great way to create wonderful gifts and still stay within your budget. Mixing and matching the articles in this pattern and you can create an entire wardrobe for you little ones teddy bear.

That means knitting seasonal teddy bear clothes that can be placed on these furry friends. If the child in your life is a fan of new outfits for their bear, you are going to find that these hand made treasures are going to have a huge impact on them. They will be anxious to open up each gift from you and they will certainly have a great time dressing up their bears.

Coloring and compatibility will of course be important in this process. The patterns listed in this ebook  will work for a bear that is anywhere 11 -12- or 13 inches tall. This is of course the standard range for most stuffed bears, so you should find that this proves to be an exceptional choice for the clothing that you are going to prepare for them.

In terms of coloring for the teddy bear clothes you make, it will be fun to consider the shade of the bear itself. The goal you will have is to make complimentary colors that are going to shine on the bear they are placed on.

That means you would avoid placing a neon yellow top on an electric green bear. If you aren't sure on the coloring of the actual bear, you can choose from some safe neutral colors at first.

Some knitting tips for teddy bear clothes

As you go through the process of making teddy bear clothes, be sure that you focus your attention on quality over speed at first. The exact measurements are going to be important in this process and having a small portion incorrectly setup can result in an article of clothing that cannot be used. Of course, with a little practice, you will have this process down perfectly.

Remember, there is nothing quite like a top notch outfit on a teddy bear. Make sure that you consider the choices you have for making the perfect design and enjoy the high quality results that you are going to be able to make with excellent material and the patterns that you are going to find on this page.

About these knitting patterns online

Teddy Bear Clothes Pattern #1881 is only $2.99. It is in a pdf format and ready for immediate download. These cute outfits will fit bears 11 – 12 and 13 inches tall. Pattern includes a Dress, Skirt with matching top a pair of Trousers and matching Jacket.

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Teddy Bear Clothes to Knitting Patterns

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