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Story and question about crochet granny squares

by Agnes Boas
(Alamogordo, NM)

Granny square afghan

Granny square afghan

I am addicted to crafts in general. Counted cross stitch, Crewel, needlepoint, Macrame came first I guess. My mother tried several times to pass on crocheting but it did not stick until a woman I worked with taught me the basics.

Mom did all sorts of needlework with crocheting being the thing I remember her doing the most! She did fine filet as well. I can do doilys but real fine work is not for me...yet.

I did teach myself to knit at some point. From there the projects have grown. I remember my grandmother crocheting doll clothes with no pattern and it amazed me then and now as well.

All my dad's sisters were crocheters as well. Wish all the people who tried to get the message across to me were around so I could share my new talents and show them that their work paid off.


I am currently making an afghan of mainly "Granny Squares", started several years ago.. Some of the squares were rectangles as well. I put the squares and rectangles together then have made rows of just shell stitches. I want to put another row or two of Grannies (in the same colors as the first ones) but do not know how to size them.

I made the center Grannies with multicolored (variegated) yarn edged with off-white then with shells of dark green and a flecked lighter green (yarn is very limited here).

Currently the project is roughly 43"X55".
Do I make the next rows of Grannies the same size as the first ones or make them smaller/bigger?

Thanks for listening.



Thanks for sharing your story. I do understand about wishing our family and friends were still here to see how far we had come.

For your question, it is really hard to say when I can't see the afghan you are describing. But it sounds like you have a mixture of sizes and shapes already so maybe you can use what ever size you are happy with.

If you are really wanting to try and stay at the same size than you will just have to make some sample squares using different hooks with the yarn you are using.

Have a great day and really hope you send a picture of the afghan when you get it finished.


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