Starting crochet projects early

 "Earn extra money at home"

Starting crochet projects early is necessary if you are going to be ready for the fall craft shows.

Each year you should make a list of the items you want to have completed for your shows and shops. Make notes of what is popular and the colors that the stores are displaying. You can tell a lot by store displays.

Your crocheted items must be planned, as you don’t have much time for last minute projects as you would with machine knitting.

But if your plan is early enough, preparing crochet projects and work steady you will have a good amount of inventory by the time most of the shows begin.

Crocheting for Money

One thing nice about having most of you income in the fall and winter is, it leaves your spring and summer pretty much free for your family. Of course you will still be making items, but you will be with the family on their off time.

There are many shops wanting to begin crochet classes and need instructors. Of course you won’t make a bunch of money from this. But it will help fill in your slow time.

It is just one of the many avenues to add to your income and still have flexible hours to build your business. Plus you get known and you will begin to develop a following.

Even if the yarn shops aren’t advertising for instructors, talk to them and ask if they are interested in starting some classes. The shops are usually interested because this also brings customers to them who will buy yarn and supplies.

Starting Crochet Creative business ideas

For today it is a quick little sales item. If you're selling online or around a Renaissance Fair you can add a lot to your costume with this simple piece.

There are also the Civil War reenactments and the ladies always wore a snood. These are markets for you to consider. Remember the one that Scarlet wore in "Gone with the Wind"? Snoods are also used today for weddings and proms, try variations of the snood in different yarns. Yes there is a market today for modern snood designs.

Starting Crochet Projects to Business

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