Single Crochet Instructions

"Easy crochet stitch instructions"

How to single crochet

How to single crochet will have you on your way to making items from simple granny squares to beautiful bridal bouquets.

Beautiful crochet a flower

I will show you how to single crochet with written instructions, photos and diagrams. In crochet there are two main stitches, one being the single crochet (sc) and the other is the double crochet (dc). Once you learn the basics you will be able to  crochet anything.

All other stitches are variations of these two. Here you will learn the single chain stitch (ch st) that will be the foundation of all items you make crocheting.

You can find this information here in the Crochet Stitch Guide. Make a foundation chain of 20 stitches for a practice piece.

Foundation of single chain stitches is always the beginning of single crochet

crochet stitches basic

Crochet chain made

crochet stitches beginners

Beginning SC

1 - To begin row, insert hook from the front under the two threads of second chain (ch) from hook. 

crochet stitches for beginners
Very easy crochet stitches

2 - Catch thread with hook (“thread over”) (Fig 2) and draw through stitch (st). There are now two loops on hook (Fig 3)

learn basic crochet stitches

3 - Thread over and draw through two loops. (One loop remains on hook). One sc is now completed (Fig 4)

Later learn crochet stitches advanced
crochet easy crochet stitch

4 - For next sc insert under two top threads of next stitch (st)and proceed as before. (Repeat steps 2 and 3)

5 - Repeat until you have made a sc in every chain (ch).

6 - At end of row of sc stitches, chain (ch) 1 (Fig 5)

Beginning with easy crochet

7 - Turn your work so that the reverse side is facing you (Fig 6)

Crochet stitches second row

1 - Insert hook from the front under the two top threads of second stitch from hook. (First stitch on previous row)

2 - Repeat steps 2,3,4,5,6 and 7 in directions for first row.

Third row of crochet stitches

1 - Repeat second row

Fourth row

1 - At end of fourth row, do not make a turning chain

2 - Clip thread about 3 inches from work, bring loose end through the one loop remaining on hook and pull tightly (Fig 7)

3 - Now you have completed your practice piece in sc.


In all crochet it is customary to pick up the two top threads of every stitch as you work, unless otherwise specified. When only the back stitch is picked up, a different effect is produced, known as Rib Stitch.

We will have more about crochet stitches as we teach you the double crochet stitch next.

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