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Relaxing with simple crochet patterns

by Linda
(Crystal Lake IL)

Crochet Every Day

Crochet Every Day

When my kids were little, I needed a stress reliever. I had learned as a teenager to crochet, but never really got into it, except for a blanket or two for my own kids.

But then I really discovered how to read a pattern, my whole world changed. I had a project with me at all times, for Doctor's appointments, for sitting at swim meets, and all kinds of other things.

One time, I had taken the kids to the park, without a project and my daughter fell off some playground equipment, and hurt herself. She needed some stitches and I gave her some napkins to stop the bleeding, and then I stopped home to grab a crochet bag. It was only a couple of blocks out of the way to the hospital, and it really helped me with the stress, having a project to work on.

I just really love to crochet and I try to do at least an hour a day. And for some reason, if I don't get that hour, watch out! I can get really crabby!

I think we all need a way to express ourselves and crochet is my way.


Hi Linda,

I do understand how you can find crocheting very relaxing and stress free.

Many people do find with just a few basic crochet instructions they use this time to wind down or as you say relieve stress.

Thank you for sharing with us your love for crocheting.


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