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discontinued red heart yarn

Red Heart Yarn is just about the most popular yarn there is. I use it often in many of the different projects I make. I like it for both knitting and crochet. It makes up into great slippers, hats, shawls and dog sweaters. This yarn is both sturdy and durable.

Cheap Red Heart Yarn

The problem we are finding around here is that our main store for cheap yarn is Wal Mart. But they seem to be cutting the yarn department out completely. There are also a Michaels and a Hobby Lobby about 30 miles from us. But we cannot just jump in the car and run to the city for one skein of yarn

You can find all your yarn and needle supplies here at

Lion Brand Yarn

lion brand yarn patterns

So I now have to carefully plan my yarn shopping days. I will only go when I need to get enough yarn for an entire project. I was working on a sweater for my granddaughter and naturally didn’t have one color I needed. I ended up putting over 100 miles on the car just looking for that one skein of yarn.

Also when I was in Michael's their assortment of yarn was cut way back. Not that the shelves were empty just that the space allotted to yarn was half of what it had been the last time I was in there.

So I am beginning to think we need a source online. I have now put up a yarn page and will add the sources for yarn as I come across them.

webs yarn

Discontinued yarn and mill ends

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Whenever I come across discontinued yarn I buy as much as I can. You can find some great deals in the clearance bins. Also on ebay many sellers are cleaning out the discontinued yarn they have. But you do have to be careful if you are in the middle of a project and you are using discontinued yarn. You may have a problem not only with finding the yarn but the correct dye lot.

In any case, you can get some fabulous buys with discontinued yarn whether it be Red Heart yarn or any other kind. It is usually top quality as they discontinue yarn at the end of a season or run. Most of the time the yarn is put on clearance just because they are at the end of a seasonal type of yarn.Or fashion has changed and the color or style is no longer available. They will put the remaining yarn on clearance to make room for the new yarn.

Mill ends are a different story, you must be aware of the yarn condition. Sometimes discount yarn has a reduced price because it is flawed. It didn’t wind correctly, it may not be the same thickness through out the skein or even the coloring may be inconsistent.

Red heart yarn mill ends are a perfect example of this clearance. You must check the yarn or be willing to accept whatever is in the middle of the skein. I have had both great luck with these buys and some rather disappointing buys. It is just a matter of how much of a discount you get to make it is worth the risk.

When I find really great deals and am happy with the yarn, I will buy extra in case I run into some bad yarn. Usually it is not much of a problem but be aware, it does happen.

My mission now is to find as many online yarn sources be it Red Heart Yarn</a> or any other. As I find sources and companies, I will share the information with you. Also if you know of any places where we can order yarn, please let us know and I will list this information also.

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