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Red Heart yarn needed for baby blanket pattern

by Wendy Lee
(Moose Lake, MN)

<H2>Discontinued yarn for baby blanket patterns</H2>

Discontinued yarn for baby blanket patterns

My mom taught me to crochet and knit over 40 years ago. She has made afghans for all her children and grandchildren, but only lived to see one great grandchild.

Moms granny square patterns

I recently found an unfinished baby afghan of tiny granny squares among her possessions. I have been edging and piecing them for my niece, one of her grandchildren. This sweet girl is the daughter of my sister who is the only one of us three sisters who has yet to become a grandma, also! Sadly, my niece has had one miscarriage and recently lost a little boy, Andrew, who was born prematurely (22 weeks).

I would still like to complete this baby afghan and give it to her in hopes and prayers that she will someday know the joys of being a mother herself.

Unfortunately, the yarn I am using is running out, and I have not been able to find more, because it is discontinued! I recently lost a bid on ebay for this exact yarn because my higher bid somehow did not go through.

Red Heart yarn

The yarn I need is Red Heart Baby Fingering yarn 930 Lullaby (ART.E.254) I hope someone can help me find enough of this yarn to complete this baby afghan for my niece. If anyone can help, please email me at leedelly@hotmail. com .

And Thank you for reading my story.


Hi Wendy,

I sure wish I had some of this yarn for you. But hopefully posting this will help.

My heart breaks for your niece and of course I wish the best for her.



Red Heart Yarn
by: BearyAnn

I am sorry for the loss. My daughter has also experienced this and I know the pain.

In my stash I have some 966 Lullaby and 964 Lullaby. I also have others in a similar range but no labels. If you think these could blend in with your colors I'd be happy to send them to you.

Please email me at - bearyann at gmail dot com - if you would like them.

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