Preemie cap knitting pattern

"3 free knitting patterns for hats"

Are you looking for a preemie cap knitting pattern? I hope so because I have a pattern for each of the hand knitting, machine knitting and loom knitting cap patterns.

There is a great need for these caps in the neonatal units at the hospital. These babies lose body heat very fast and especially through their heads.

Naturally nobody is prepared for these babies to be born so early so there are no clothes ready for them. Emma was so small her head was the size of a small apple.

Free knitting patterns for babies

I am going to give you the preemie patterns for these tiny babies. They are so quick and easy to make.

I taught my granddaughter how to knit a preemie cap when she was just 9 years old. It was the first thing she learned to knit on the knitting loom. She was so proud of her little hat and we now have some sweet memories from that.

She is now sixteen and naturally doesn’t spend the time with us that she use to. But we will always remember knitting and being together working our projects.
Knitting Loom Instructions

Hand knit preemie cap knitting pattern

Size 6 needles

Yarn should be sports weight or baby yarn

Cast on 60


Work 8 rounds in K1, P1 rib.

Main Part

Work 23 rounds in stocking stitch (every round knit).

Knit 2

Knit 1 row

Knit 2 together every 3 td stitch

Knit 1 row

String off and gather.

Cut yarn and draw end through all sts, pull up and finish.

Do not place a pom pom on preemie hats for the hospitals.

Baby machine knitting free patterns

Preemie Cap knitting pattern (machine) standard
Sports weight yarn
60 needles
Tension 6

Cast on EON (keep EON in non working position)
Knit 10 rows 
Knit 1 row at tension 8
Back to tension 6
Knit 10 rows
Hang hem and pull all needles into working position
Chang color is desired 

Knit 26 rows
String off and pull tight.

Cap loom knitting instructions

So easy and quick to make up

20 peg adult slipper/preemie loom

2 skeins Simply Soft Yarn

1 - Ewrap all 20 pegs with two strands of yarn

2 – Ewrap all pegs again and knit row

3 – Knit for 10 rows

4 – Hang hem, knit this row

5 - Knit 11 more rows

6 - String off and gather tight. Tie off.

No pom pom for hospital preemies please.

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