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My knit and crochet dog sweater patterns

My crochet dog sweater

My crochet dog sweater


I have used several of your patterns and made some sweaters for my Boston Terrier. They are so cute! I have some friends who'd like to buy some of my sweaters.

As a crocheter, I understand the time it takes to create patterns and such, so I wanted to ask your permission to sell the sweaters, not the patterns.

I read on your website about your copyrights on the patterns, but then you mention something about it being "your work, so sell if you'd like".....I just wanted to be sure that is the correct interpretation!

Ashley, Raleigh NC


Hi Ashley,

I am so glad you are enjoying the patterns for the crochet dog sweaters on my site. Yes you can sell the item you produce from any of "my" patterns.

When you find the pattern you would like to use, just check and see the copyright and if it is not my name do not sell the finished product.

You will find I have included free patterns for:

free dog sweater knitting patterns
free crochet dog sweater patterns
free knitting loom instructions for dog sweaters

I am happy you are enjoying the patterns and can earn extra income at home with them.


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