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Learn how to crochet from mother

by Joanne
(Port St. Lucie, Fl)

Crochet dog sweater pattern

Crochet dog sweater pattern

I learned to crochet from my mother many years ago. My favorite things to crochet are baby clothes. I have all kinds of yarn.

I am now experimenting with embroidery floss and doing flowers, leaves, and trim. They are fun and can be sewn on sweaters, jackets, etc. We recently adopted a yorkie who had been mistreated.

Not physically but no one paid any attention to him. We are a retired couple who live in upstate NY in the summer and in Fla. in the winter. He is a very good dog. Well behaved and minds better then my children did.

I fear when we go to NY it will be cold so I decided to try and make him a coat. Thank you for your pattern. If you have any good sweater patterns for women please let me know.

Once again thank you for sharing your pattern

Hi Joanne,

It is always so good to hear from others who love to crochet. But a Yorkie lover too, wow that is wonderful. My Yorkie is 10 years old and full of life I feel bad that yours once was neglected. But I am sure you will make up for any neglect he ever knew.

My husband is from upstate NY (Binghamton area) but we don't care for the cold weather and moved south 40 years ago. When ever we go back I have to take sweaters for my furbabies as it just gets too cold for them at night even in the summer.

The checkerboard pattern is thick and warm. My Hanna is 9 lbs and it fits her to a tee. There are also plenty of free dog sweater knitting patterns here for those who knit.

I hope you stay in touch and submit a picture of your Yorkie in his new sweater. Would love to share it with all our visitors.


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