Easiest Knitting Pattern Slipper

"Double thick sole"

A free knitting pattern slipper with a thick double sole is below. This pattern is easy and the slippers are comfortable.

Free Knitting Pattern Slipper With Warm Double Soles

The first thing that seems to ware out on slippers are the soles. This double sole pattern helps them to last a bit longer and makes them warmer and gives them more cushion to walk on.

Free knitting patterns for wool slippers

It seems I am always making slippers for one member of the family or another. These are great for charities also. This knitting pattern slipper is not a lot of work, just a basic pattern and yet it is always very much appreciated. These are much warmer than the traditional knitted slipper because of the sole having a double thickness.

free easy knit slipper patterns

Easy knit slippers for women or men

The double sole slipper pattern is really pretty basic and make up fairly quickly. No fancy stitches are involved just knit and purl. It is just a matter of picking up and dropping the extra strand of yarn every so many stitches.

Make easy knitting pattern slipper

Below is the free pattern slipper written and in a graph. I make the graph up for me to follow when I make the slippers. It may help you visualize what I am writing and understand the pattern easier.

Row 1- is knit across with a single strand of yarn. On row 2 you began picking up the second strand of yarn for the center 9 stitches. On these stitches you will knit two strands together, only for these stitches.

Basic knitting instructions are (Side of slipper) knit 10 stitches with single strand.

(Slipper sole) Pick up second strand of yarn and knit 9 stitches with double strands.

(Other side of slipper) drop second strand and knit next 10 stitches with single strand.

How to knit slippers

How to make slippers with thick soles

Double Sole Slipper

Size mens 9 – 10

4 ply worsted yarn

2 strands

Knitting Needles size 10 1/2

Cast On 29 stitches with single strand

1 – knit across 3 times

2 – knit 9, purl 1, (pick up second strand of yarn) knit 9, (drop second strand of yarn) purl 1, knit 9

3 – Knit 10, (pick up second strand of yarn) knit 9, (drop second strand of yarn) knit 10

4 – 46 – Repeat rows 2 and 3

47 – Drop and cut second strand of yarn. Knit across

48 – knit 2, purl 2 across. Increase 1 stitch in center. (30 stitches)

49 – purl 2, knit 2 across

50 – 52 - Repeat rows 48 and 49

Cut yarn. Thread large eyed needle slip through all stitches and take off knitting needle. Gather toe and tie off. Sew up top and heel.

You can add or decrease rows to make the slippers larger or smaller.

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