Knitting n Crochet for Fun n Profit

Knitting and crochet tips, hints and ideas for your hobby or business. I will share with you different ideas about creating patterns to add to your venture. I will also include links for free patterns that you can use.

Crochet shawl free pattern

Easy crochet shawl free pattern. Great gift idea to make up in no time.

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Crochet Triangular Stoles

Crochet Triangular Stoles Patterns Free. This is an easy pattern and would make a great gift.

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Bond Stitches Techniques

Bond Stitches Techniques are explained in this ebook manual. If you bought a Bond KM without a manual this is the manual for you.

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Free-knitting-machine-patterns for any machine that can knit the required gauge

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Brother-Knitting-Machine-Magazine Fashion 2

Brother-Knitting-Machine-Magazine Fashion 2 has over 28 patterns. Can use other machine just need to check your tension gauge

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