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Knitting machine manuals

by Janice

I inherited a Brother KH 930 with all the attachments...no legs on the machine and no electric plug cord...and no manual...

I have NO idea how to use this. Where do you suggest I start? Is is difficult; it looks VERY intimidating with all the attachments..tons


Hi Janice,

Lucky you getting a knitting machine. I remember a friend of my years ago bought one of these brand new and she loved it. This machine was state of the art at that time and the possibilities were many. She had a business and this machine stepped up her production tremendously.

But I have never owned one. Brother no longer makes knitting machines so to find a manual for it or the plug your best bet would be online. Try ebay first to see if you can get one there. Also there are sites out there that still sell parts for all the machines. You will just need to search with google to begin.

Is it difficult? Well to some it would be easy and some would find it impossible. But to begin you will need a manual to even have an idea how the machine works.

Best of luck in your search.

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