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"Free knitting machine patterns"

Free knitting machine instructions for a basic yet very pretty preemie sweater. I have a very similar sweater completed on the knitting loom and on knitting needles. But this one was completed on a Brother KX 400 standard knitting machine.

Singer knitting machine instructions will work also

These adorable tiny sweaters can be made up so quickly they are ideal for charity knitting. You can easily add any farisle design because everything is completed in blocks.

Ultimate sweater machine pattern

I created this sweater on a Brother machine but there is no reason why it couldn’t be knit on the Bond Knitting machine or a chunky knitting machine to make a bit bigger sweater. I do not know the tensions on a Bond so you could try it according to the average baby item you knit on the Bond. Although if you were knitting for charity than it wouldn’t really matter if the size turns out a bit different because of the different size babies there at the hospital.

I used thin yarn but not baby yarn on this sweater. There again it can be made up with any verity of yarns just as long as they are soft for the tender baby skin. The ribbing I put on the sweater is a mock ribbing so no ribber is needed for this. Here are your knitting machine instructions for this easy sweater.

Preemie patterns

Preemie Sweater with Mock Rib

Machine Brother KX 400

Standard gauge needles

Here is the gauge

13 stitches and 17 rows = 2 inches

The back of this sweater is only 5 inches from neck to hem and only 5 1/2 inches wide.

I don't have the hat and booties pattern typed up yet but will put the patterns up as soon as I get them typed.

Yarn was left over, it was thin between a sports weight and a baby yarn

Tension 6

Back – Cast on 32 needles with ewrap EON (every other needle)

Knit 10 rows

Tension 9 Knit 1 row

Tension 6

Knit 10 rows

Hang Hem (All needles working now)

Knit 27 rows (mark sides for sleeve placement)

Knit 13 rows Bind Off

Front (make two. Reverse side for marking sleeve placement)

Tension 6

Cast On 16 ewrap EON (every other needle)

Knit 10 rows

Tension 9 Knit 1 row

Tension 6 Knit 10 rows

Hang hem (All needles working)

Knit 27 rows (Mark for sleeve placement)

Knit 13 rows Bind Off

Sleeve (make two.)

Tension 6

Cast on 26 EON (every other needle)

Knit 10

Tension 9 Knit 1 row

Tension 6 Knit 10 rows

Hang Hem (All needles working)

Knit 20 rows

Bind off

Stitch pieces together in your favorite fashion as diagram shows.

You can crochet around front edges and make ties.

The Ultimate Knitting Machine

Knitting Machine Instructions to Free Knitting Patterns

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