Knitting Instructions for Beginners

Easy knitting instructions for beginners will help you to learn to do knitting. There are certain stitches you have to know how to do.

I will be explaining how to cast on, how to do the knit stitch, and how to bind off in this article.

Once you get the hang of it try knitting for charity also as there are so many needs.

You will also need certain materials to learn to knit.

This includes size 8 Knitting needles that are 14 inches long, worsted yarn in any color I prefer, a yarn needle and a pair of scissors. I will now make a 7 inch x 7 inch square.

Easy step by step knitting Instructions for beginners

1 -You will first have to learn how to cast on when learning to knit. This simply builds the foundation row. To cast on, first place a slip knot onto one of the needles. This is stitch number one.

2 -Hold this needle with your left hand. Pick up the other needle with your right hand to give you control over the yarn. Stick the point of the right needle into the slip knot from the front going underneath the left needle. With your left hand still, move your left fingers a bit to hold the right needle steady.

3- Using your right index finger, pick up the strand of yarn off the skein or ball of yarn. Take your right hand off the needle long enough to wrap the yarn under and then over the point of the right needle. Now place your right hand back on the right needle, then gently draw the yarn completely through the stitch with the point of the right needle.

4 Slide the left needle's point in the new stitch's back and remove the right needle. Pull the strand of yarn so the stitch is snug on the needle. This is the first cast-on stitch. Repeat the steps to create this stitch and make a total of 28 of them counting the cast on too. Now you have your cast-on row.

5- Now for row one, hold the needle which is filled with the stitches in your left hand. Place the right needle's point into the first stitch from the front underneath the left needle as in the cast on row. Bring the yarn around the right needle going under and then over. Pull the yarn through the stitch with the point of the right needle.

6- So far this has been similar to casting on, but this next step is different. Slide the loop of the left needle completely onto the right needle - this is the first stitch of your first row. I now repeat this across the whole row. It should measure about 7 inches if it is too much longer than that, tear it out and begin again. Repeat the first row instructions until your square is 7 inches long.

Binding Off:

1 - Knit your first two stitches inserting the left needle into the stitch you knitted first; pull the stitch over the number two stitch and take it off of the needle. This makes one stitch being bound off.

2 - Knit the next stitch; put the left needle in the first stitch on your right needle. Then pull this stitch over the new and off of the needle.

Knitting Needles: Metric vs US sizes

Learning to knit

Now just repeat number two until all the stitches are bound off and your first knitting project is complete. This completes your first knitting class for knitting instructions for beginners .

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