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"Easy slipper patterns"

This is the perfect pattern teaching knitting for kids with small hands and short attention span. Slipper patterns are a great starting point when you are looking for knitting patterns for kids to learn this craft.

This very basic slipper pattern is just right for teaching. You more or less knit a square, fold over and stitch it up. The pattern is simple enough to also help them learn to read a pattern.Teaching them to make these wool slippers are a great beginners project.

Easy knitting for kids patterns free

If you have been looking for easy knitting patterns free for you to learn or teach, than give this one a try. You will have a complete project in no time.

Junior TV Slippers

Beginners will find these slippers an ideal project. One size fits all or size can be altered by increasing or decreasing number of stitches.

One pair size 8 knitting needles, 2 ounces knitting worsted or wool yarn, one pair 27-inch shoe laces and a size 3 crochet hook will be needed.

st (stitch) p (purl)
k (knit) dc (double crochet) sc (single crochet)

Cast on 38 sts.
Work in k 1, p 1 ribbing for 8ΒΌ inches. Bind off in ribbing. Fold piece in half and seam both ends.

Beading: Crochet around top having one dc in every other st. For scalloped edge, ch 3, sc in same space with yarn around.

Pom pom: Wind yarn around a 2-inch cardboard 40 times. Tie in center and trim ends into ball shape.

Sew pom pom to slipper front.

Run shoe lace through beading and tie in bow.
Make a second slipper in same manner.

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