Making Your own knitting blocking board

"Knitting tips for frugal knitting"

Knitting blocking boards are extremely expensive. But to give your items that professional touch you must block your project.

Not all items need blocking of course. Hats and mittens for instance don’t need it. But clothing such as sweaters and vest do. Let me explain how to block an item and how to make an inexpensive blocking board.

Some shops have huge blocking boards and they are fabulous if you have the room for one. But most of us don’t have the room to spare for a table 40 X 70. So we will work on a more portable board, one we can use and than hide away when not needed.

A quick and easy knitting blocking board

Here is an idea for a frugal blocking board. Find a large piece of cardboard. You can go to Wal Mart and find one when they are stocking shelves. Cases of baby diapers come in these huge boxes when shipping.

Than go over to the fabric department and get whatever amount of checkered fabric you will need. Not more than two yards, it can be the inexpensive fabric, as you are not making anything out of it. Pick up a small package of quilting batting. You don’t need much of this either. Next you will need tape and a large plastic garbage bag, no doubt you have these already.

Cut out a flat piece from your box as large as you want it. Cut your garbage bag open to lie flat and place over the cardboard to protect it from the moisture. Next place a layer of the batting (This helps with quicker drying) and than finally cover all of this with your checkered fabric. Fold edges to the back and tape securely. Now you have your blocking board. You can stash it behind a dresser or chest of drawers when not in use. Pull it out and lay on your bed when needed.

Pins stick easily into the cardboard and the checks give you an accurate guideline to use as you block your item. A penny saved is a penny earned.

Knitting pure and simple

When I knit a baby blanket I often put a crocheted edging around it. I love the large crochet boarders and they are so quick and easy.

 Sometimes though the finished edge has a bit of a ripple but you can block the blanket and that will make it lay completely flat. Dampen the blanket with just a spray bottle of water or submerge in a tub of water. Lay the blanket out flat on your board and pin it in place using large “T” pins. Leave to dry and it is ready to go.

Learn to knit and crochet

My suggestion would be to make up a knitting blocking board and began using it whey you learn to knit and crochet. Than you will be in the habit right from the beginning.

Knitting Blocking Board to Knitting
Knitting n Crochet

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