3 Free Knitted Hat Patterns

"Knitting hat patterns below"

Knitting machine pattern ski caps

You will find 3 free knitted hat patterns are below for you to enjoy. Patterns for three different ways to knit a hat. Hand knit, machine knit and loom knit.

hat knit

I am including these three free knitted hat patterns for each way to make a basic hat up. One is for hand knitting, one for loom knitting and the other is for machine knitting. So whichever knitting type you enjoy you will have a pattern to use.

These are basic patterns so you will want to add your own color choices, designs and pom poms or tassels.

Knitting hats are fun and quick, they are wonderful gifts and nice sales items. These quick projects let you play with designs, color and yarn. They're very portable, profitable and easy to work up flat or in the round.

Knitted hat pattern

While looking at the patterns, find something you like and give a thought to learning a new way to knit. Remember that these hats can vary a lot depending upon your yarn type, needle size, loom used and or the machine you choose!

As I said these are very basic patterns. Sort of a foundation for you to build on. Also if you have patterns you would  like to add to this list or suggestions for these patterns, please email me.

And remember you can add flowers, tassels or other ways to liven up your knitted hat patterns.

3 different free knitting patterns hats

One of the most popular types of knitted hats is the skycap or hat. This is a simple hat which can be knitted flat with a sewn seam using two needles, or knitted in the round using either double pointed or circular needles.

This is a good basic hat which is suitable for beginners, or which can be knitted quickly by more experienced knitters.

Hats with brims are attractive and work particularly well when felted. A felted hat is basically made of wool and shrunken. Felted knitting is also extremely hardwearing and water resistant, making this a useful item for cold winter days.

Hats for children and babies are always popular and there are wide ranging types and styles available. These range from the simple ski caps through to the fancy bonnets and novelty hats.

Free hat knitting patterns, machine, hand, loom

Knitting machine ski caps

(Machine Knit Ski Cap)

Childs size Machine standard gauge

Machine Tension 6 

Yarn 4 oz

CO 73

Knit 30 rows hem

Knit 42 row

Transfer EON (put empty needles in non working position)

Knit 2 rows at tension 4

Cut yarn leaving about 18 inches. Thread yarn through stitches on needles as you take off machine. Pull tight and gather tight. Sew back seam.

hat knit pattern

(Hand Knit Ski Cap)

Needles size 8

Yarn 3 oz 4 ply

Adult size

CO 84

Rib (k1 p1) across

Repeat for 10 or 11 inches

K2, k2 tog, repeat across

P across’

K1, k2 tog across

P across repeat rows for 6 rows

K2 to repeat across

P across

Cut yarn leaving about 18 inches. Thread through stitches and gather. Sew up back.

hat knit pattern free

(Loom Knit Ski Cap)

Red loom knifty knitter

Size Adult

Yarn 2 strands 4 ply

Wrap yarn around each peg

Knit for 24 rows

Hang hem

Knit 21 rows.

Cut yarn leaving an 18 inch tail. Using a large craft needle string through stitches and take off loom. Pull tight to gather.

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