Knitted Baby Booties

"Knitted slippers for baby"

An unusual knitted baby booties pattern from the past. I have never seen a pair of these made up before and they had me a bit confused for awhile.

I couldn't figure out which section was the toe and which was the heel. So I thought it would be easier to take a picture of the booties before putting them together

This is a vintage pattern from the 1950s. The knitting is easy and the pattern is short. The picture along with the diagram will help you put them together in no time.

Unique baby bootie pattern


reproduced from Beehive Baby Book 16 SC76

Two No. 10 needles (American size 3 needles) Length of ribbon.
You must use the P & B brand recommended above to be sure of a successful result.

TENSION: 71 sts. and 91 rows to one square inch on No. 10 needles, (American size 3 needles) measured over stocking stitch.

Cast on 30 sts. K. 60 rows.
Next row—Cast off 15, K. to end. Proceed as follows:
1st row—P. 2nd row—K. 3rd row—P.
4th to 6th row—As 1st to 3rd.
7th row—K. 8th row—K.
Rep. these 8 rows 8 times more, then 1st to 3rd row once.
Cast off.

My knitted baby booties

TO MAKE UP (see diagram) 

Fold C. to B. and stitch loosely along from C. to B.
Fold A. to B. and stitch along from point A.C. to point H.D.
Thread wool H. to G. and pull up tightly to gather.
Fasten off.
Rep. from A. to B.
Turn inside out and fold down E. and F. catching lightly at corners.
Cut ribbon in half and stitch to sides at front opening.
Make Second Bootee to match.

Reproduced from Beehive Baby Book 16 SC76

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