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"Knitted toy patterns"

Consider adding some knit toys to your inventory. These toys are picked up a lot by people looking for baby shower gifts.

Machine knit toys to

An idea  would be to have a few small toys knitted up to match some of your baby blankets and or sweater sets.

You don’t want them to be very big as they are really just for an accent on the gift package.

You can present them as an addition to decorating the package wrapping. They will be very attractive, make up a toy and wrap up a box and attach the toy so they can see how cute this idea is. Who can resist a display like that?

The  toys can be  6 to 8 inches and be in a  matching color to a little sweater set you made. This is a great way to use up small amounts of left over yarn.

I have knitted up a number of teddy bears for charities also. These were knitted on my knitting machine and I knit them in one piece. The teddy below is not the pattern I am referring to, I will try and find a picture of the one piece teddy bears I am talking about.

machine knitting free patterns

Free toy knitting patterns

I made these Teddy Bears on a knitting machine.

I began at the feet, e-wrapped a few needles to knit one leg, than put these stitches on hold. E wrapped the other leg and knit to the same number of rows.

I put all stitches back to work and knit up to the arms, add stitches on each side for the arms. Knit all needles for the width of the arms for the number of rows you want the arms to be.

Bind off all arm stitches, (not the body in the middle) now knit for a few rows for the neck.

Add a few stitches on each side to make the head and knit till head is big enough. Do not remove from machine.

Continue knitting but do everything in reverse. Right on down to the end of his legs. When you are done, take off the machine.

Embroider eyes and mouth on, stitch up sides and stuff.

I know this sounds difficult but it really isn’t. This knit toy is great for newborns through toddles. Soft and cuddly with no parts for choking.

Knitting stuffed toy patterns for charity

I can be made any size and the tiny size would be so cute attach to the outside of a package for gift wrapping.

Knit Toys to Machine Knitting

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