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by Jasmine
(blackwell, OK)

Free crochet dog sweater

Free crochet dog sweater


I am making your Yorkshire sweater and the only problem I have is that the dog gets bigger around the waist. The dog measures 13 around the neck, 19 around the chest and 21 around the belly, how would I alter the pattern to fit this size dog? The dog is a Yorkshire just a big one instead of tiny.

Dog sweater crochet pattern

Hi Jasmine,

Sounds like all you need to do is increase stitches at the belly section. Do it over a few rows before you get to the checkerboard design in the pattern. Also you will want to increase the number of stitches called for on the insert. This will balance the increases out.

Just remember, to increase in 4 stitch increments to keep your design working evenly.

Say you need an extra eight stitches. Add these stitches say, two per row over the next 4 rows. This way you will have the extra stitches needed for the larger belly and your checkerboard design will still work out fine.

Hope you enjoy the pattern.

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