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by Jan Miller
(Bryan TX)

I taught my self to knit in 1973 from a Barbara Ayers book. The entire section on left-handed knitting was in one sentence, essentially to reverse all directions!

I picked up crochet along the way and always enjoyed it so much, but felt that knitting was much more elegant. That was before the lovely patterns that are now available.

I had a basic knitting machine for a while and made several afghans with a stockinette stitch center with a wide crocheted decorative edge.

Now that I am in the second half of my century, I am braver and work mostly for my own enjoyment -- whether the project needs to be crocheted, knitted, or sewn, I do whatever pleases me at the moment.

I spend a lot of daydream time planning enough projects to last the rest of my years. I now need to supplement my income from home as I am unable to work outside it.

I also love to make charity items, especially for cancer patients to have comfortable and soft hats to wear on their sensitive heads.

Last week, I visited the local animal pound for some puppy/kitty time. I asked the girls at the front desk if they would like to have some handmade beds? They very excitedly said, "Yes!" The next day, I brought a cat bed and toy that they were thrilled over.

One of the ladies asked if I had made the hat I was wearing and of course I had. She said that her grandmother was in a nursing home and she would love a hat just like that with a flower. I told her I had 20 made up at home and I would bring her one for her grandmother.

She also said she would love to learn crocheting, so now we are going to have lunch one day soon and I will begin teaching her to crochet. She said she could crochet while sitting at the desk during slow times.

I am looking forward to bringing another into the crochet flock.

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