Inventory For Craft Business

"Starting a craft business"

Your choice of inventory for craft or knitting business is very important.  Steps to starting a small business. Supplies, equipment, accounting, insurance and products must all be considered when starting your new business. If you have no idea of what you want to sell or you have all the wrong items, you will have no sales and no business.

Have you decided on a specific item to sell or do you plan to have a large variety of items until you see what is the most profitable? Having a craft business is not just a matter of having lots of items to sell. You must keep up with what is popular, what colors schemes are hot and the season in which you are selling.

I enjoy making and selling the smaller items. Only because they are quicker to make up and they are much easier to transport and display. I also believe I make more per item considering time and supplies. Say a baby hat and sweater set as apposed to a full size afghan.

Starting a craft business -- insurance

Insurance for your craft business is just common sense.

 You product should be insured whether at home or in the show. You have a great deal of time and money invested so do not forget to protect yourself from loss.

Business management craft show accounting

We are back to being accountable, do not get any creative business ideas here. Keeping track of sales and taxes is a must. You are a business, no longer just a hobby so you must keep up with your accounting.

It is much easier if you start right at the very beginning (the first day). You really don’t want to play catch up with the IRS.

Creating doll patterns knitting and crocheting doll sweaters and patterns

Inventory  For Craft Business to Business 101

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