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I've selected all how to videos to teach you about knitting and crochet. This way you can see the process of knitting and/or crocheting as each step is completed.  Learning how to crochet or knit can be difficult if you are trying to teach yourself out of a book.

So I thought this would be a great time to add videos. I always learn quicker when I can watching something being done rather than just read how to do it. So here are some videos to get you started with the fiber crafts of your choice. The videos is courtesy of

I will be including all forms of knitting, by hand, loom, and machine. Also we will have videos on crocheting and different stitches to learn.

crochet how to video

Learn how to Crochet videos

How to do a single crochet stitch

How to Knit videos (Hand knitting)

How to cast on.

How to Knit the knit stitch

How to Knit the purl stitch

Continental knitting instructions

Loom Knitting Videos

Machine Knitting Videos

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