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How To Sell And Earn extra money at home

by Jessica Rodriguez

Profitable hobbies?

Profitable hobbies?


My name is Jessica, I like your web-site its awsome!
I love art and everything to do with art. I work as a Team Supervisor (nothing to do with art lol)

one day I came across a crochet kit and I taught myself how to crochet, I love it! I make things for my family and friends.

I love it so much I want to start my own business. I just do not know how to sell it.

Please help me, any advise would help. I'm only 23 years old and I learned how to crochet on my own,

I bought books and learned to read patterns, I strongly believe this is my calling, I just need advise on where and how to sell it. I make beanies, scarfs, dog sweaters and anything with a pattern!


Hello Jessica,

Selling crochet items is even more difficult than selling knitted items. It can be done, but to make a living on just crochet you would really need to do more than just crochet items.

Maybe design patterns and crochet extreamly high dollar items for famous designers. Find a speciality and than hire contractors to crochet your patterns. You can earn extra money at home with crochet but it would be almost impossible to make a living with it.

Any advice I have to share is on the site so read through and apply what ever you can.

I wish you the best and thank you for the kind words about my site.


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