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How to earn money now?

by Olga
(Ukraine, Khmelnitsky)


My name is Olga and I'm from Ukraine. I've found your site on internet and I like it very much.
Your articles are very encouraging.

I like crocheting much and as now I'm pregnant and sitting at home I would like to sell crocheted scarf I like to do. But I don't know how to start and if it possible to find a buyers from other countries.

There is my scarf in attachment so you can see. I really want to know your opinion.
Please share you thoughts about it If you have time to answer.

Thank you!
Best regards.

P.S. Sorry, for my bad english:)


Hello Olga,

So nice to hear from you. Thank you for the kind words about my site and congratulations on your coming baby.

Every country has laws pertaining to using patterns and selling the product you make from them and I have no idea what the laws are in the Ukraine so I can't help you there at all.

I can give you a couple of ideas on selling to other countries and where you might start. There is a site called etsy and this site is for folks to open their own little store and to sell there handmade items. Also there is AtomicMall and Blujay. These sites do not charge you to list, you only pay a small fee when your item sells.

Best of luck to you and the new baby,

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