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If you are left handed and want to learn how to crochet left handed it can be a bit tricky. Why you ask?

This is mainly due to the patterns for it being written for right-handed people not lefties. You will need some pointers and tips for learning it correctly. Read on to find out how to learn this hobby easier.

The great thing about doing a craft like crocheting is that no two people crochet exactly alike. It does not matter whether they are right handed or left handed.

Some people do it tight while others do it loose. Many of the crocheters like to only working with yarn, while others work with both yarn and thread. So relax first and know there are many ways to do this hobby. Each piece is unique because it is made by separate people with different styles.

In crocheting you use both hands anyway not matter whether you are right or left handed. When you are left handed though you will hold the hook in your left hand and control the flow of thread or yarn with you right hand.

Since instructions and patterns are down for the righties of the world though learn from a right-hander can be confusing. It is normally advised that you sit across from them instead of next to them as they are instructing you on how to make the stitches.

Also on the patterns you will find that the right side for the left handed person

Many tips for people who are left handed that are learning to crochet are the same for the right handed ones. Let's look at some of these.
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How to crochet left handed holding the hook

How you grip the hook usually falls into two different types of grips. The pencil method for gripping the hook might be the most well known. You just simply pick up the hook and hold it like you were taught to hold a pencil in school.

Now another method use though is the knife-type grip. You know how the first finger is usually used to control the knife same thing with a crochet hook. Either method is right it is whatever you feel comfortable with.

The start of a chain

Use a loop to start your first stitch on the size hook you have chosen to use. The size is determined by the pattern you are using and size of yarn or thread.

This loop is made by crossing two lengths of yarn or thread then place the hook through the loop from the bottom. Then snag the yarn or thread on the end towards the skein or ball. This is the first stitch in your pattern.

How to Hold the Yarn

While learning how to crochet left handed some people run the thread around the pinkie finger on their non-dominant hand. They first get their hook set with a stitch like above then hold the non-dominant hand palm up.

Then lay the yarn or thread over your pinkie and in between the fingers, wrap it around and come back to the palm side. Then run the thread or yarn up to the index finger and around to the opposite side of the hand. This is what controls the yarn or thread during you crocheting left handed.

These are only a few crochet tips to get you started with learning how to do it left handed.

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