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How to crochet granny square

by Dorothy Dickie
(Ashland, Mass)

granny squares

granny squares

I remember at the age of eleven watching my grandmother working on a project when she came to visit us. I would sit in amazement and see this come to life.. One day I asked if I could learn? She had a big smile on her face and lovingly said "yes"..

I was also helped by my mom and other Aunt's and it became easy.. I did start with the Granny Square! and it still is my first love and favorite.. I may try many different patterns but always come back to the granny square.

As I got older and my work improved I saw the stitches more clearly. And even in my older years I make baby afghans, a few baby clothes and misc dolls. One point I was selling a few small things as my husband owned a pet shop.

I think now I enjoy the magic I can make with seeing my work grow as I work on it, I pick people at random and make an afghan for them. I love the genuine happiness I feel as I give a new mother a baby afghan..



Hi Dorothy,

Thanks so much for your story of learning how to crochet. You were lucky to learn at such an early age.

Yes the granny square is great fun and very versatile. I believe just about anything can be made from one. Slippers, dog sweaters, baby blankets, vest, scarves, hats and the list goes on.

Happy crocheting,

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