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How do I get my own business going though?

by Nicole Goard
(Jacksonville, FL)


I am reading through everything you have talked about so far for getting started but I like to know more and how you advertised though. I have heard so much and have used the links on your page also. I have a few needles and also the brothers knitting machine that I have put on the back burner now. But since I started reading your pages here I am excited. I have so many people ask me how to start crocheting though. I started when I was 5 yrs old with my grandmother and I have made baby doll outfits by crocheting but I want to do more and sell the things I do also. I know you mention ebay also and how do you do on that? Do you make good money from that or do you get orders from that? So please share with me.



Hi Nicole,

I am now retired and no longer have a working craft business. My site is for information on how I started my business.

Yes I do sell on ebay and it is just a fun side line. I sell my patterns I have created and an ebook that I made up of patterns for the knitting loom. I have found it to be very lucrative.

I have sold in stores, to schools and businesses. It all started back than with my friends and family and word of mouth.

I would love it if others would share how they are advertising and selling their crafts. There are many sites now that help the crafters.

Hope this has been of some help and I hope we hear from others.


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