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Have Crochet Hook Will Travel

by Julie
(Sacramento, CA, USA)

Baby blanket crochet patterns

Baby blanket crochet patterns

Beginning Crochet

I became fascinated with crocheting as I watched my mother crochet doilies and other types of covers using thread. My young mind was so curious as to how a very long string can be manipulated to become such a beautiful thing. At 9 yrs old I finally got the nerve to ask her to teach me how to crochet.

Crochet Abbreviations

She did not know the terms such as "single" or "double" or specially "front-post double". She just knew that they were different stitches. She didn't even know that there were more than 1 size hook. (She came from a very poor family and felt fortunate to have even one hook and enough thread to make something.)

Crochet Doily Patterns

She taught me by example. I followed her every move. It wasn't long before I could do a doily by myself.

Also, there were no written patterns. She told me how to follow the stitches of a piece that was already made so that I recognized each stitch to know how to recreate the piece.

That has been quite a long time ago. We have since traveled to Japan, California, Hawaii... and now I'm in California but I've lived in many different California cities. Wherever I've been, or wherever I go to, my crochet hook.... and then some! (I now have a collection of all different sizes)... travels with me, even when I vacation to places in Europe and in Hawaii.

Addicted to crochet... perhaps. But it's the love of the craft, handed down from my mother, that reminds of the closeness we shared as we crocheted side by side, stitch by stitch.

Hi Julie,
What a wonderful memory. Your mother must have been extremely talented. Had she known the stitches she no doubt could have made a nice income creating patterns. But you have far more than anything money could buy and that is the loving memory of your mother teaching you and sharing a special time together.

Thanks so much for sharing the pictures also, I just love seeing what everyone can make. The baby outfit makes me think of my new great grandchild that will be arriving in a few months.
My best to you,

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