Free Knitting Patterns for Sweaters for Baby

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This is one of the free knitting patterns for sweaters that will look so sweet on the baby.. This unique baby sweater pattern will result in a sweater for baby that will be treasured. The instructions are clear and easy to follow; the picture will help you see how the completed sweater should look.

This pattern has a unique stitch that will set it apart from other baby sweaters. The stitches required for this pattern is a bit beyond the knit and pearl stitches. If you are fairly new to knitting, you may need a little help.

Cute knit baby pattern below

The yarn you choose for any of the free knitting patterns for sweaters will help determine the personality of the baby sweater

You may want delicate yarn for a delicate baby. The pattern specifies 3-ply baby wool in two colors, a basic color and a contrast color, two ounces each color and 4 yards ½ inch satin ribbon. This leaves a lot of room for creativity.

You can let your imagination soar in picking out the colors you want to use for this pattern. It may help to lay the different yarns and ribbon side by side to actually see how they meld together.

Don’t be afraid to use colors that are not the usual colors, as long as the colors do not clash and the colors blend together nicely. The colors you choose can be an important factor in the uniqueness of the sweater.

Get creative with these knitting sweater patterns

You will need to pay attention to the washing instructions on the yarns and ribbon. For delicate yarn, the washing instructions will probably be to hand wash and lie flat to dry.

Make sure the colors will not run into each other, and the washing instructions of all materials are compatible. You will need to pass on the washing instructions along when you give the knitted sweater.

The pattern specifies a pair of number 3 knitting needles. Be sure to check the size of your work to make sure it will end up the size specified on the pattern. You can knit some trial swatches of the pattern to make any adjustments in the size of the knitting needles used if necessary.

When using any of the free knitting patterns for sweaters gauge is most important, you will want the item to turn out the correct size and shape.

This is one of the free knitting patterns for sweaters that will bring you much joy when you experience the completed sweater. This pattern will make a delicate baby sweater that is the only one in the world like it, just as the baby that will wear the sweater is completely different from any other child that has or will ever be made.

Free Knitting Patterns for Sweaters

Baby Ensemble Pattern:

Two contrasting colors and a unique pattern stitch are combined in this original design for an unusual but lovely pattern stitch. Instructions are given for a 3-6 month size.

The model was made from 3-ply baby wool. Two ounces yellow for main color, 2 ounces white for contrasting color, a pair of number 3 knitting needles and 4 yards 1/2-inch yellow satin ribbon will be needed.


k (knit) 0 (yarn over)

st (stitch) inc (increase)

tog (together) CC (contrasting

MC (main color) color) p (purl)

Gauge: 10 sts equal 1 inch in pat-tern st.

Pattern St — (multiple of 2 sts) —

Row 1: (Right Side) — With MC, k each st, forming a ridge row.

Row 2: (Wrong Side) — * With MC, k 1, from right side pick up ridge in back of next st and slip on left hand needle, k ridge and next st tog, repeat from * across row.

Row 3: With CC, k each st.

Row 4: With CC, k 2, * from right side pick up ridge in back of next st and slip on left hand needle, k ridge and next st tog, k 1, repeat from * across row.

Repeat these 4 rows for pattern.

Sacque — Back: With MC, cast on 54 sts. K 1 row. Work pattern st until entire piece measures 6 inches. Shape Armholes: Keeping continuity of pattern, bind off 3 sts at beginning of next 2 rows. Work even until armholes measure 31/2 inches from bound-off sts.

At the beginning of the next 2 rows bind off 18 sts loosely. Bind off remaining sts for neck.

Left Front: With MC, cast on 30 sts. K 1 row. Work in pattern until piece measures 6 inches. Shape Armhole: With right side facing, bind off 3 sts at beginning of next row.

Work even until armhole measures 2½ inches above bound-off sts.

Shape Neck: At center edge, bind off 9 sts loosely for neck. Work even on 18 sts until armhole measures same as back. Bind off all sts.

Right Front: Work same as left front, reversing armhole and neck shapings.

Sleeve: With MC, cast on 36 sts. K 1 row. Work pattern st, inc 1 st each end of row every inch 5 times (46 sts).

Work even until sleeve measures 6 inches or desired length. Bind off all sts loosely.

Make a second sleeve in same manner.

Finishing: Sew side, shoulder and sleeve seams. Sew in sleeve with sleeve seam at center underarm. Using satin ribbon, bind front, neck and bottom edges of jacket. Bind wrist edge of sleeves. Tack satin bows at neck and at center wrist as illustrated. Sew snap or hook and eye to join fronts at neck edge.

Free Knitting Patterns For Sweaters to Free Baby Patterns

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