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I hope you enjoy this free knit pattern for an 11 inch doll or fashion doll. It is not complicated and can be decorated in many ways to use as a basic wardrobe set.

Free Knit Pattern Trouser Suit:


4 ply. Trousers: 20(25-30) g in Main colour (M). Pair needles each size 3mm (11) and 23/4mm (12). 1 press stud. Shirring elastic. 

Tabard: Oddments each in colours M, A and B. Pair needles size 31/4mm (10). 2 press studs.

Trousers legs (Make 2)
Using 3mm needles and M cast on 29(29-31) sts and work in st st, starting knit, until leg measures 13(15-17) cms [5(6-63/4) ins] ending with a purl row.

Shape Crotch
Cast off 2 sts at beg of next 2 rows. Dec 1 st at each end of next 2 rows. 21(21-23) sts remain. Work 3(3-5) rows straight. Dec 1 st at each end of next and following alt row. 17(17-19) sts remain*. Change to size 23/4mm needles and work 4 rows in garter st (every row knit). Cast off loosely.
To finish
Join inside leg seams. Join body seam leaving 1 cm [1/2 inch] open at top of back. Turn up 4 rows for hem at lower edge of legs and slip st in place. Thread shirring elastic round garter st waistband. Sew a press stud in place at back opening.


(Work 2 pieces the same)
Using 31/4mm needles and A cast on 16(17-18) sts and work in garter st, working 2 rows in A, 2 rows in B and 2 rows in M throughout until piece measures 10(10-11) cms [4(4-41/2) ins]. Cast off.
To finish
Join side seams leaving 3 cms [1 inch] open at lower edge and 4 cms [1½ ins] open at top for armholes. Sew right shoulder seam for 2 cms [3/4 inch]. Sew on 2 press studs to left shoulder seam.

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