Free Easy Crochet Dog Sweater Pattern

Free easy crochet dog sweater pattern

This is a free easy crochet dog sweater pattern I made up for my Yorkie. Well the sweater I made for my 9 lb Yorkie, the pattern I made up to share with you.

Quick and easy crochet dog sweater

Using a "J" crochet hook

Begin on the back part of sweater, starting at the neckline: Chain 31

free crochet instructions

1 – DC in 2nd ch from hook and than across (30 st)

2 – Ch 2 turn, repeat row 1

3 – Attach black, ch 1, sc across

4 – Repeat row 3

5 – With main color ch 2, dc across

6 – Repeat row 5

7 – Fold collar in half, sc through both halves across (Once you have your collar made, fold in half  lengthwise to beginning of collar. Sc through end of collar to beginning of collar to connect.)

8 – Ch 2, dc across

9 – 17 Repeat row 8

18 – 19 pick up black yarn, sc across

beginner crochet projects

The Checker board design

20 – Pick up red 3 dc, pick up whit (carry red and white through out this design) 3 dc, repeat 3 red than 3 white to end

21 – 23 repeat row 20 alternating colors

24 – 25 pick up black sc across

26 – Pick up red dc across

27 – 28 Decrease 1 st on each end of these rows dc across

29 – Dec 1 st in center dc across

End off.

Chest Part of dog sweater

Starting at belly end and crocheting towards neck

Ch 16

1 – 1 dc in each ch across

2 – 5 ch 2 dc across

6 – 13 decrease 2 st spaced evenly in each row

14 - you should now have 1 stitch. End off.

Stitch up neck and stitch in chest piece. Leave about a 2-inch hole on each side for legs. I positioned my leg openings about 5 inches down from neck point.

crochet dog clothes

Free Easy Patterns Are Copyrighted

I have come across many free patterns, the authors says “Do not sell the pattern and you are not allowed to sell anything you make from that pattern” Remember to read the copyright of the pattern. If in doubt, contact the author

Copyrighted Patterns

The patterns are copyrighted and you are not permitted to sell them. But as far as I am concerned you may sell anything you make from my patterns. I am giving permission for my patterns only. After all it is all your work and your supplies.

Needless to say, you are not to sell the patterns I create but you may sell the item you make from my patterns. Yes the patterns are copyrighted so please honor that.

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