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Free crochet baby blanket patterns

by Teri

Single crochet stitch

Single crochet stitch

Thanks you for the very simple crochet blanket. My daughter Brandie, age 28 is mildly mentally disabled.

She loves babies and wanted to do something for the aids babies at the local hospital. She can crochet at a very basic level and she has made 2 blankets so far using your pattern.

Thank you, you helped her feel needed and also helped the babies.

It was still kind of hard for her- maybe something with just single or double crochet would be a possibility?

I am a beginning crocheter and would love to help with the blankets but I am a single crocheter. And that is about it.

We could race through more blankets with an even simpler pattern. I know most other people are looking for pretty things, but we just want to help cuddle these babies, many of them pass before they even leave the hospital.

Granny squares are not a good idea, they are so easy to mess up and hard to connect.

Thanks so much.
God bless
Teri-Brandies Momma.

Hello Teri,

Thanks for the note about your daughter helping with crocheting for charities. This is a great idea especially for those that don't have the opportunities as many of us do.

Just because we are disabled in one manner or another we still want and need to be needed. And what better thing than to help the tiniest and most helpless.

Go to this page (crochet crochet stitch guide ) ripple afghan and you will find the ripple afghan in single crochet. This is a very simple afghan and made up completely in single crochet

Also you will find the double crochet is not much different than the single crochet and if you will learn that one stitch you could than make many blankets quickly.

Go to this page to learn how to make a double crochet stitch and scroll down and you will see the way to make the double crochet. You do not need to make a granny square.

An easy double crochet blanket would be
chain 126,
row 3: dc in 3td ch from hook, dc across,
row 2: ch 2, dc in next dc, continue across.

Use variegated yarn to give a little color or change colors every so many rows.

Hope this helps and thanks so much for helping the charities.

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