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Free baby blanket crochet patterns

by Rachel Christianson

How to crochet a blanket

How to crochet a blanket


I downloaded your free blanket crochet pattern Elijah's Blanket, the photo had a blue ribbon in it.

You say to use Caron Simply Soft yarn which I cannot find in the stores here. However, I found Bernat's Baby Blanket yarn, like chenille. It is "6" Bulky and I was wondering if I could use this Bernat yarn instead and a larger hook to complete your pattern?

I am fairly new at crochet and wanted to make a very easy baby blanket for my new 4th grandchild, yet to be born! Whatever help you can give me would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks so much and His Blessings upon you,
Rachel Christianson

Hello Rachel,

The wonderful thing about this pattern is that it is so flexiable. It doesn't matter if it is a little bigger or a little smaller. So yes you can use this yarn.

As long as it is not a baby yarn. Also you can find a large selection of Simply Soft Canon yarn on this page Caron Simply Soft Yarn

Have fun

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