Free American Girl Doll Patterns

"Doll sweater pattern"

free american girl knitting patterns

These free American Girl Doll patterns and chart are quick little projects even a beginner can make. They are great for selling at shows, bazaars and online.

This is one of those knitted doll patterns that can be made up in one evening. So if you are running late on Christmas gifts here is a perfect one.

There is a wide variety of colors and designs you may want to add. You can adjust to a short sleeve or sleeveless top. Make stripes or two color. Add beads and lace to dress it up.

Another idea is to make a matching sweater for the little girl or doll mommy. They love the mother daughter sets. Of course it won't be such a quick project than.

I like using charts when knitting or crocheting if possible. I am giving you this pattern in both forms, one is  written and the other is a chart I made and follow. This is for the pullover.

Free American Girl Doll Knitting Pattern

This knitted pull over is easy and will get you started on a basic pattern. This pattern can be made up in so many colors, designs and variations. Just like people a doll could use a dozen sweaters to go with her many outfits.

Materials needed:

4 ply yarn

Knitting needles size 8

Very Easy

This sweater is worked up all in one piece.

CO 26

1 – Knit 2, Purl 2

2 - Purl 2, Knit 2

3 – 4 - Repeat rows 1 and 2

5 – Knit across

6 – Purl across

7 – 28 – Repeat rows 5 and 6

29 – Cast On 10, knit across

30 – Cast On 10 Knit across

31 – 40 – Knit each row

41 – Knit 17, Bind Off 12, Knit 17

42 – Knit 17, Cast On 12, Knit 17

43 – 54 Knit each row

55 – Bind Off 10, Knit across

56 – Bind Off 10 Purl across

57 – Knit across

58 – Purl across

59 – 78 Repeat rows 57 and 58

79 – 82 Repeat rows 1 - 4

Free knitting doll patterns

Free American Girl Doll to Free Doll Patterns

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