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Barbie or fashion doll clothes patterns are incredibly popular and more people are using these to ensure their Barbie looks incredible.

Whether you want to create the ultimate outfit for your Barbie to be causal or dressed up, there are plenty of different options. Knitting the outfits yourself may seem daunting; however, following the patterns will make it far easier.

Free Bikini Pattern Below

You will find that there are several different events that your Barbie will need to attend, and having the perfect evening wear is essential.

Both the evening blouse and evening gown are easy to make, and will ensure that Barbie is the belle of the ball. For the perfect finishing touch, you will need to add the evening stole to the outfit, and for those colder nights the evening jacket is a must.


To add a touch of class and sophistication to these fashion doll clothes for the event Barbie should wear the mohair coat and hat, which is also perfect for going out and about during the day.

All Barbie's like to have fun with their friends and the skating outfits for both boys and girls are excellent. When Barbie goes out to enjoy the cold weather, wearing the ski jacket will ensure she remains warm.


Free Barbie doll clothes pattern below

Free barbie fashion doll knits Bikini

As the summer months approach, Barbie will want to show off her excellent figure in her bikini bathing suit, and her friends will wear the bathing trunks.

When she gets out of the water, Barbie may want to put on the bulky slip-over or the cable stitch slip-over to relax in. The fashion doll clothes patterns ensure that she has an outfit for every occasion.

Being extremely active Barbie participates in several different outdoor activities. Therefore, she will need an outfit for them all to ensure she remains stylish and comfortable.

Barbie will need to add to her fashion doll clothes a tennis sweater, striped polo shirt and sailor sweater to ensure she remains looking her best. Whilst out and about in the car, Barbie can wear the car coat, or jacket with hood, to ensure that her immaculate hair remains in place.

The life of Barbie is not all active, and there are times when she will need to relax and enjoy time to herself. Therefore, the Barbie doll clothes patterns for the casual wear items are as popular as the others. The bulky cardigan, girl's slacks and cardigan and boy's slacks and V neck cardigan are perfect for long, lazy days.

All girls need to work, even Barbie, therefore, she will need the ultimate clothes to impress in the office. The suit and beret combination are elegant and casual fashion doll clothes patterns; however, they create the perfect image for working Barbie. No matter what the occasion or event, there are clothes to suit your Barbie.

Making the clothes yourself will ensure that you can find the perfect color and design combination for your Barbie's personality.

You can ensure that you bring Barbie to life with the best fitted clothes and accessories. Every element of Barbie's outfits will be lovingly selected and made just for her, ensuring that she looks stunning.

Free barbie fashion doll knits Bikini

Bikini free fashion doll clothes patterns

Free Bikini Pattern:

MATERIAL: sport Yarn, 1 pair knitting needles No. 3

GAUGE: 6 sts. = 1 inch

TOP: Cast on 32 sts. with No. 3 needles and work in stock. st. for 6 rows. Bind off 5 sts. at beg. of the next 2 rows. Decr. 1 st. at the beg. and end of the next 2 rows. Bind off.

FINISHING: Make a chain about 3 Y2" long and sew to top. Tie yarn around center of top and make a bow. Sew snap to back for closing.

PANTS: Cast on 26 sts. with No. 3 needles and work in stock. st. for 4 rows.

1st row: Incr. 1 st. in first st., K 12, incr. 1 st. in next st., K 12 (28 sts.).

2nd and all even rows: P across row.

3rd row: Incr. 1 st. in first st., K 13, incr. 1 st. in next st., K 13 (30 sts.).

5th row: Incr. 1 st. in first st., K 14, incr. 1 st. in next st., K 14 (32 sts.).

7th row: Slip 1, K 1, p.s.s.o., K 12, K2tog. Slip rem, 16 sts. to a holder to be worked later.

9th row: Slip 1, K 1, p.s.s.o., K 10, K2tog.

11th row: Slip 1, K 1, p.s.s.o., K 8, K2tog.

13th row: Slip 1, K 1, p.s.s.o., K 6, K2tog.

15th row: Bind off. Slip sts. from holder back to needle, attach yarn and starting with 7th row finish this side to correspond.

FINISHING: Sew upside seam and block to size.

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Free Doll Clothes Patterns

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