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"Knifty Knitter Loom"

Here are some easy knitting patterns free for you to make up on your loom. I made these no short rowing slippers on the blue round Knifty Knitter loom. They make up really quickly and they are nice and comfortable.

knifty knitter loom

Easy knitting projects

My husband loves my knit slippers; he will wear them until the bottoms fall out of them. Than he is asking for more so these are something I try to have made up at all times.

You can use two strands of the same color yarn and put the tie in a different color. Or you can try tow strands of different colors. For the men you can use the colors of their favorite teams.

This pattern is so easy because there is no short rowing of the heel. It is worked from the toe to the heel. Than just a few slip-stitches up the heel and you slipper is made.

The slippers make great stocking stuffers. Oh speaking of Christmas I will also post a Christmas stocking you can do on this loom.
Knitting loom slippers

Easy Knitting Patterns Free Loom projects

Copyright: enjoy pattern but do not sell it

These are all easy patterns for you to use and make up the items to sell if you wish. But please do not sell the pattern as it is copyrighted.

Easy Knitting Patterns Free to Knitting Looms

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