Easy Baby Quilt Patterns

 "9 Patch Quilt Pattern"

Many easy baby quilt patterns can be reproduced in crochet. The nine-patch quilt is a great example and is a favorite old time pattern. The same can be used for your leftover yarn stash.

This can also easily be made up using the basic crocheted granny square using just the single crochet and double crochet stitches. Of course you can use any square you enjoy making, I just say the basic granny square because the beginner can make this easily.

A few ideas would be to crochet squares in 3 colors. Size depends on what you want to do or how many squares you want to make. Just remember the square will be in multiples of 9 and for a baby blanket you want the blanket to be about 36 X 36.

For instance you could make 12-inch squares. You would only need 9 of these squares to make a 36 X 36-inch square baby quilt. Or if you want to make 6-inch squares you would need 18 of these.

Sew together and add a border and you are set to go

Easy baby blanket crochet patterns

Or you could make smaller squares and put them together like diagram.  Sometimes this is called the Double Nine Patch.

If you are looking for an easy pattern and a very pretty one than consider the nine patch pattern, this is a very versatile pattern. You can put the squares together in many arrangements. Try using color paper squares and start arranging and moving them around.

You will discover quit a few ideas for some quick and easy baby quilt patterns.

To make this blanket you will need 4 – 12 inch squares for the solid colored squares. You could use white for these. Than use pink and blue 4-inch square to make up the multi colored squares. Stitch your 9 pink and blue squares together to make 1 – 12 inch square. Now stitch together all squares on double nine than 1 solid as shown in diagram.

Easy baby quilt patterns

Once you have all your squares together, you can add a pretty boarder. Pick up your yarn with a slipstitch on any side. Single crochet to corner than 3 single crochet in each corner around. Continue around evenly spacing your stitches. You can continue like this for 10 rows.

These are just a few ideas for some easy baby blankets and you don’t have to know anymore than single crochet and double crochet. You can create beautiful easy baby quilt patterns and never even pick up a needle and thread.

The nine patch is a wonderful example. You can make up so many variations. This is perfect for the beginner. Even the experienced will enjoy creating the many different designs using this quilt pattern.

You don’t have to use the basic granny square , naturally you can use any design you like. In the nine patch, it is all about the layout of the squares no matter the size or design.

Easy Baby Quilt Patterns to Crochet

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