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Doll Clothes Patterns

by Celia Valdez

Doll Clothes Patterns

Doll Clothes Patterns


I have been enchanted with all your art, one can see how very much you love to create the dolls fashion.

The question I have is simple, I just don't knit at all, I'm going to take lessons, however, I have 2 little girls with naked baby dolls, I've finished Bethany's baby doll wardrobe, and even made her a Quiqik or Alaskan Eskimo Parka using fabric fake fur.

I am wanting to make for Lydia, the older girl a more grown up wardrobe, and I noticed you have a knitted, Top & Trouser Set, I absolutely loved it, how can I make some of these clothes changed from knit to crochet?

OH, I live in Anchorage, Alaska. I am a widow and live in a Disabled Adult Apartment, I entertain myself with crocheting so many things, that my friends are afraid of getting themselves crocheted over their fingers and body when they drop by for a visit.

I am a Breast Cancer survivor of June 1991, when I was given one month to live. I know that it devasdated my darling so much that his Polio that he had at age 2, awoke emission from the stress of my health. I let him go with someone who will love him so much more than I ever could, and will love him for an eternity, I gave him permission to rest in peace in 2002, just as he wanted 7 days after my birthday. We had a 32 year beloved marriage.

So many times when I tell people a little about me, I hear them ask God, "Why Me?" you know what? When Dr. Fox placed his hand on my left shoulder, while Santiago touched my right shoulder, as Dr. Fox, pronounced my diagnoses of 1 month to live, I suddenly felt the entire room go black, and I was pulled away, hearing their voices at a far distance, I felt as if someone had turned off my "Life" switch and I had not given permission to anyone to do so......but, softly, and lovingly I heard my voice within me ask, "Father, God, my Savior & Redeemer, what are You & I going to do with this?" Immediately that calm, soft and fatherly voice spoke to me, "Bless the
doctor, the nurses & hospital, I am with you, always".

I remember speaking intrupting Dr. Fox, with simply saying, "Dr. Fox, I give yo my blessing, explain to us what choices I have to fight? The very next day both breast were taken off. As a matter of fact, he wrote on a script pad, a note to give to any Police Officer should we get pulled over, that explained I could not and should not raise my arms up, be hugged, or massages in my upper body. 3 mos. later I had a hysteractomy as the cancer was trying to spread, 3 mos. after that I had reconstructive surgery, 2 months after that I had 12 surgeries done at once.

What makes me feel like fighting? My darling and I are both christian, and we have, rather had a motto that we'd pass to eachother, as he also had began to start feeling weaker due to his Post-Polio Syndrome that had awakened. Our motto still gives me strength, simply, "Hold The Rope" you do know that God is wrapped his hand on the other end and never letting go.

So, if you can't Hold The Rope, ask your family/friends to hold it for you, I hope you understand that that Rope signifies your FAITH, and if you wrap that rope around, and around your hand, notice that you seem to get closer to God, who in the first place is always only wanted a personal relationship with Him.

Since my darling passed on, I've had over 6 surgeries, including 6 implants, and I still Hold The Rope.





Hello Sally,

What an amazing story. I agree with you and praise our Lord for your health and admire you for your courage.

The Pattern would be very difficult to convert to crochet but I will be soon posting crochet patterns for dolls.

If you go to Doll Clothes you will find a couple of very nice gowns in crochet.

Keep in touch and you will find more patterns coming very soon.

Have a blessed day.

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