14 and 16 Inch Doll Clothes Patterns

"8 piece pattern set"

These are some of the most adorable doll clothes patterns. The free pattern for the  panties at the bottom of the page 

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The size of these items are for 14 and 16 inches tall. They are almost the size of real, live babies. You can make everything necessary for the well dressed doll baby to venture out in public with this complete layette.

Every little girl loves dolls. For some, it carries over to adulthood. There are clubs filled with collectors who have every Barbie from her beginning up through today, still in the original box. There are groups who specialize in fifteen inch tall fashion dolls or the American Girl doll as well. Then there are those who have “real” baby dolls.

Cute doll clothes and accessories patterns included

Baby dolls are the kind that resemble real babies and they can be found in many different sizes.
These doll clothes patterns offer the knitter the chance to create a full wardrobe for their baby.

There is nothing like seeing the bright eyes of a child when you present her with a new wardrobe for her baby. I love this all done up in white but you may want to consider any of the baby pastels or even the childs favorite colors.

In the days before Wal Mart and the easily available products of today Mom would make most of the gifts for her family.  The little girl would have a baby doll, and a cradle her daddy had made. So starting in spring, every night her mama would work on some little gee-gaws for Santa Claus to bring.

Knitting patterns for doll clothes

Come Christmas morning, Suzy's stocking would have not just an orange and a couple of pecans, but a new knitted bonnet and a pair of booties for her best dolly. That doll would be the best dressed one at the dolly tea party.

With the current state of the economy, what better time to renew a tradition? Everyone says kids have more than they know what to do with. Imagine the look on a granddaughter's face when she finds a box full of knitted jackets, bonnets and such, tailor-made to fit her babies.

A bonnet, with a matching double breasted jacket is just the ticket to take the little one out calling on a cool spring day. A lacy dress is perfect for play-pretend christening parties. These would not just be doll clothes, they would be designer originals, made from these doll clothes patterns, and crafted with loving hands.

Patterns such as these are also an excellent opportunity to share a craft with an interested child. A child may not want to learn to make mittens for her brother, but if she was making a blanket for her very own baby doll, she just may grab up a pair of needles and ask how to cast on.

Have patience with her. Sure, you'll have to help with some of the more involved or complicated bits. But it is a start. Every person who ever picked up a pair of needles was a beginner at one time. This is a chance to pass on an art, and share precious time with your child.

knitting patterns for doll clothes

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Making these outfits may even compel a knitter to dig out her own doll collection, and to make them some spiffy new outfits. So measure some baby dolls. Pick out your needles and thread. Find a comfortable spot and knit up the panties and you will see this is a great pattern.

Matinee Coat







Pilch – (panties)

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