Doll clothes pattern 3027

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  Dear Doll Lover,

Have you been looking for some of those sweet adorable doll clothes patterns?

Are you hoping to save money on gifts this year?

Do you have a little girl on your gift list?

How about a doll collector on that list?

Every little girl loves their dolls whether baby or Barbie dolls. But the clothes can be expensive and also very cheaply made.

Well here is the solution for both problems.

This ebook has patterns for the sweetest doll clothes.

You can even make an entire wardrobe.

This is an ebook reproduction of the

Bestway B-3027

Knitting Patterns for the

Knit Doll Suits in 3 Sizes

This vintage pattern ebook is for the vintage pattern shown for these cute little doll outfits in hand knit.

The pattern includes the suit, the hat, the mittens, and the shoes. The directions are for 3 different size dolls. The size dolls are 8 inch, 12 inch and 16 inch.

Now is the time to get knitting for those Christmas and birthday presents. Only takes a bit of yarn and some time to save money as we all have to think about now a days.

This pattern comes with free shipping because it is emailed to you in a zipped pdf format. You will receive the 15 pages of great instructions to get you creating some really cute doll clothes.

Using only scraps and left over yarn from other projects you can create the perfect gift that will outdo any you will buy in the stores.

These are vintage patterns but doll clothes never really go out of date now do they.

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Doll clothes pattern 3027 to Doll Clothes

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