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Crocheting for Profit

by Nicole G
(Jacksonville, FL)

Hello Linda,

I like crocheting and I would love to learn to knit. I have people asking me to make them things I have done and I like to do more. But I also want to know how you turn it into a business. So please tell me more. I really appreciate it. Talk to you soon.


Hi Nicole,

Read the site information, check out local craft fairs and events. There are many ways to earn an income with crafts. Creating crafts, creating patterns and teaching how make your crafts are just a few of the ways to earn with crafts.

You must have quality products. Find your niche in the craft market. Read, study and perfect your craft. It is not a get rich over night. Matter of fact it is not get rich at all. It takes time and perseverance.

Thanks so much for visiting my site and more information will be added so do come back.


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