Crocheting For Left Handers

"How to crochet left handed"

Teaching crocheting for left handers is a problem I hear about all the time. I have some friends and relatives that are left handed. They have all said the same thing

“It is difficult to learn crocheting from a right handed person.”

It is very hard to learn certain things from people that are right handed like crocheting. My brother is law is left-handed and was taught to bowl by a right-handed person. He did manage to learn but it is the one and only thing he does right handed.

So if you are trying to teach a friend or relative, or if you plan to be an instructor it would be in your best interest to learn how to teach both right and left handed people.

Crocheting for left handers

Basic crochet instructions

Trick from a family member

One of my left handed family members told me about this trick.

When they are following a crochet pattern and learning a new stitch they prop a mirror up in front of the book. Than they check in the mirror as the reflection is in reverse and they will see the diagram left handed.

So if you are teaching left handers, find a mirror prop it up in front of you. Than they can watch the mirror not you. They will see you crocheting with your left hand.

This way all books can be used by them also as they learn to crochet. I know it sounds simple but it does work and our left handed friends will be able to use any book we use. All the illustrations will be as they need them

Crocheting for Left Handers to Crochet

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