List of Crocheting Abbreviations

"Basic crochet instructions"

Below is a list of crocheting abbreviations to help you understand crochet patterns. A few notes about some symbol first though.

Asterisks (*) are used to indicate that a group of stitches or steps are to be repeated a specific number of times.

Example * ch 2, dc 3 repeat from * twice.  

This means you are to repeat chain 2 and 3 double crochet, two times

Parentheses ( ) are used to enclose directions for larger sizes in the pattern. They also may indicate that the groups of stitches, which they enclose, are to be repeated the number of times stated.

Gauge Crochet

We all know in knitting that we check the gauge of stitches and rows. This is often over looked in crochet. But anytime you are making something a particular size you must check gauge, so don't overlook this in your crochet.

Tip:  You could mark 1 inch from the end of your crochet hook with a permanent marker. This way you will always have available a quick check your gauge of rows and stitches.

Basic Crochet

These are by no means a complete list of crochet abbreviations but it is a very good list for beginners.

Common Abbreviations

sc -- single crochet

ch st -- chain stitch

hdc -- half-double  crochet

dc -- double crochet

sl st  -- slip stitch

trc --  triple crochet

yo -- yarn over

tr -- treble crochet

sp  -- space

sk -- skip

pat st -- pattern stitch

Crocheting Abbreviations to How to Crochet

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