Crochet With Plastic Bags

"Plastic trash bags"

Ideas you to crochet with plastic bags such as the bags for shopping. I have seen very pretty purses, real cute bags or totes and mats or rugs to the prettiest flowers.

The nice thing about using grocery logo plastic bags is when you make up something like a beach bag it is automatically water proof and very sturdy. We all have garbage bag holders overflowing with these bags. Plastic trash bags could be used also but you want to get the heavy industrial kind.

Here is an idea on how to use many of these up without them going to the landfill. To crochet with plastic bags is not difficult and the stitches and patterns would be the same as regular crochet. But it does take a lot of preparation and planning.

Your first step is to gather as many bags as you have or need. Your friends and neighbor can no doubt help with this. For some reason we don't throw out these bags and they will be happy to donate them to you.

Now lay the bag out flat and cut off the handle end and the bottom edge of the bag.
The next step will be to fold the bag up accordion style. With the cut ends at the top and bottom.

(NOTE) You will want to use an old pair of scissors because the cutting of plastic will ruin the edge of your good ones

Now cut the bag into 1 or 2 inch sections crosswise. You will end up with a number of plastic loops. You will need to repeat this process with all you bags

Once you have a number of bags cut up you will want to began to make your chain or "yarn". You need to take two cut loops and pull one half way through the other. Than pull one end of this over lapping loop through the other end of the same loop.

Pull this snug and you will have the beginning of your Plastic
yarn. This is kind of like we did when we were kids and made those paper chains.

You can use any pattern you like when you crochet with plastic bags. The stitches will all be the same

Crochet with plastic bags handbags

Repeat this will all your bags, cut ends, cut into loops and make into a continuous chain. It is easier if you roll the chain into balls as you go.

You will want to use a fairly large hook say a size K or N would work nicely. Remember the tighter you want the item to be the smaller the hook you will want to use.

Another nice thing about the project you crochet with plastic bags is you are not only creating an unique item to show off. You are recycling and saving our environment. This will be less items in our landfills so it is a win win situation. This is a fun and creative way to save our landfills and to make strong water resistant items.

Crochet With Plastic Bags to Crochet

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