Crochet Thread Items From Small To Large.

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crochet thread size 10 patterns

Crochet thread can be used for making or enhancing many items. You can make items from bedspreads to tiny delicate earrings with crochet thread.

Below you will find a pattern for edging a hankie. These use to be a common gift for girls and ladies. A great deal of work and love went into these beautiful and elegant gifts.  Also was edging for pillowcases a regular gift at showers and house warming gifts. I admit I never did any of these but have seen and admired many of these fabulous gifts.

Crochet bedspread

Have you ever seen a hand crochet bedspread? The work involved in making a bedspread in crochet thread is unbelievable. I always wanted to make one for myself but could never work up the patience to tackle such a large project. I have one pattern I have saved for many years. It is positively beautiful and is on my “someday” list.

Crochet Curtains

These also were a common item to make. But I haven’t seen a pattern for these in a long while. I have seen some fine delicate curtains made up but I have never made any of them myself.

Lace Crocheted Doily Patterns

My sisters and sister in law crochet a lot of doilies. I have made a few but I personally prefer working with yarn and the larger needles. I do admire their work though with those tiny little needles and the thinnest of threads.

Crochet Thread Edging Instructions

Insert hook directly above rolled hem on a corner of the hankie and attach thread.

1- 5 Sc in same place, sc around entire hankie, working 5 sc in each rem corner. Join with a sl st in 1st sc

2 – Ch 5 in same place as sl st (tr, ch 2, dc, ch2) *Sk 2 st, sc in next st, ch 2, sk 2sts, in next st  (dc, ch 2, tr, ch 2, dc) ch 2: re from * around: join with a sl st in 3rd ch of beg ch.

3 – Sl st in 1st ch 2 sp, * sc in next tr, ch 2, in next sc (dc, ch 2, tr, ch2, dc) ch 2. Rep from * around: join with sl st in 1st sc.

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