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"Crochet stitches from A to Z"

This photo/diagram crochet stitch guide with extra written descriptions will help with the online learning. There are a few basic stitches that can be turned into many different crochet stitches with just a little bit of help.

We will begin with learning how to make a chain stitch. First the loop and than proceed to the chain stitch as this is the foundation for every crocheted item you will make.

Please remember this crochet stitch guide shows just one way to do this. You can make you beginning loop differently and even hold you hook in a different manner. There are no rules carved in stone with crochet, this will help you get started and you will soon discover what is comfortable for you.

I will show you how to make a chain stitch and move onto the single crochet  and a double crochet. You will use these in almost every pattern you will make in the future. You will use it alone or put them together to create a shell stitch or a popcorn stitch etc. These are just a couple of stitches mentioned among the many variations you will learn.

As you learn the single crochet you will discover how to make a ripple afghan by adding and skipping stitches in one row. This is just one of the afghan crochet stitch patterns you will be able to make when you learn these two basic stitches

Crocheting is fun and you will need very little in supplies. Hook and yarn and you are good to go. This is a very portable hobby and easy to learn. Hopefully with this crochet stitch guide you will get the basics down will be able to create about anything you are interested in.

My hope in writing these instructions and diagrams will be not only explain to you how to crochet but to also show you step by step. Let us begin with the chain, as everything crocheted does.

The slip knot can be made in a couple of different ways. This will is the easiest to explain online

From our crochet stitch guide

1 - Grasp yarn near end between thumb and four finger of left hand.
2 - With right hand make a loop by laying long yarn over short yarn end
3 - Hold loop in place between thumb and four finger of left hand (Fig 1)

Step 2 (Fig 2)
1 - With right hand take hold of hook.
2 - Insert hook through loop and under long yarn. With right hand catch long end of yarn. (Fig 2) Draw up a loop
3 - Do not remove hook from yarn (Fig 2)

Step 3 (Fig 3)
1 - Pull short end and skein yarn in opposite directions to
bring loop close around the end of the hook. But remember no too tightly.

Step 4 (Fig 4)
1 - Measure with your eye about 4 inches along skein yarn from loop on hook
2 - At about this point insert yarn between ring and little fingers, having palm of hand facing up (Fig 4)

Step 5 (Fig 5)
1 - Bring yarn toward back under little and ring fingers over middle finger, and under the forefinger toward the thumb (Fig 5)

Step 6 (Fig 6)

1 - Grasp hook and loop between thumb and forefinger of left hand

2 - Gently pull ball thread so that it lies around the fingers firmly but not tightly (Fig 6)

Step 7 (Fig 7)

This is only a suggestion on how you may hold it. Find the way it is comfortable for you

1 - Take hold of broad bar of hook as you would a pencil

2 - Bring middle finger forward to rest near tip of hook

Step 8 (Fig 8) Beginning the chain stitch

1 - Adjust fingers of left hand as in Fig 8 the middle finger is bent to regulate the tension, the ring and little fingers control the yarn. The motion of the hook in the right hand and the yarn in the left hand should be free and even. Ease comes with practice.

Step 9 (Fig 9)

1 - Pass your hook under yarn and catch yarn with hook. This is called "yarn over" (yo) (Fig 9)

2 - Draw yarn through loop on hook. This makes one chain (ch)

Crochet stitches

1 - Repeat step 9 until you have as many chain stitches (ch sts) as you need. One loop always remains on the hook. (Fig 10)

2 - Always keep thumb and forefinger of left hand near the stitch on which you are working.

3 - Practice making chain stitches until they are even in size

This is just the beginning of the crochet stitch guide for this site. Everything is easier to learn one step at a time.

Master the chain stitch (ch st) shown above in the crochet stitch guide and than move on to single crochet. Next we will learn how to single crochet, after that will follow how to double crochet. With just the chain and these couple of crochet stitches, you will be able to make an afghan of any size.

This is a sample of The "Learn how to Crochet"  ebook. It is finally completed and ready for immediate download. It even has a section for the left handed. Step by step instructions to guide you through the learning process.

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"Learn how to crochet ebook"

Crochet Stitch Guide to Crochet Lessons

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